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Diana Rose Box by Jay Strongwater
The romance of one perfect peach rose blooming on a pale jade enameled box with a vibrant red ladybug! The Diana rose box has been cast in pewter, finished in ...
Hedy Bouquet Soap Pump by Jay Strongwater
At Jay Strongwater we love elevating the everyday to extraordinary ! The Hedy Bouquet Soap Pump starts with a moth-blown glass vessel dappled with shimmering gold and wrapped with a ...
Herend Christmas China
Dinner Plate $215 Dessert Plate $150 Mug $210
Honey Beehive Box by Jay Strongwater
Our jeweled honey bees are busy filling each honeycomb with vibrant enamels and sparkling crystals! The Honey beehive box glistens with hand-painted butterscotch, caramel and golden enamels with hand-set topaz ...
Lilac Egg Bunny Box by Jay Strongwater
How adorable! Our Lilac Egg Bunny Box features the sweetest creamy white bunny nuzzled next to a pale pink enameled egg filled with an abundance of jeweled spring lilacs. Lift ...
Mistletoe Dish with Spoon by Michael Aram
eason. Mistletoe, an evergreen that flourishes year-round, evokes the idea of renewal, vitality, and romance. In creating the collection, Michael was inspired by his love of nature, and fond memories ...
Monroe Lip Compact by Jay Strongwater
Show them how much you love them with our jeweled Monroe Lip Compact! Luscious red enameled lips with Ruby crystals from Swarovski pave set on a jet black enameled compact. ...
Palace Candle Holders by Michael Aram
The Michael Aram Palace collection explores, through Michael’s eyes, the richness of detail and ornament in palaces throughout the world. As a part-time resident of India since 1989, Palace architecture ...
Playful Baby Elephant Ornament by Jay Strongwater
Is there a circus in town? Our Playful Elephant Glass Ornament brings the thrills and delights of a fun filled day to your tree! Mouth-blown by old-world glass artisans in ...
Pomegranate Mini Tray by Michael Aram
The Michael Aram Pomegranate Collection takes its inspiration from one of the most universal and ancient symbols in the world. The fruit has been prized across the globe, across cultures ...
Royal Piggy Glass Ornament by Jay Strongwater
Hear ye Hear ye! Here comes the royal pig, ready to adorn your Christmas Tree with jolly cheer this holiday season. Mouth-blown by old-world glass artisans in Poland.