About Us – Holiday Boutique

We’re so glad you want to learn more about us!
Holiday Boutique is Fresno’s most unique gift shop.
We feature decor, china, crystal, silver, home furnishings and many exclusive gift items.
The Holiday Guild, a volunteer organization founded in 1953, staffs Holiday Boutique.
We emphasize friendly, personal service. Plus, you’ll discover this about us.
We hand-pick quality merchandise. And we offer beautiful and unique items for all occasions. From many high-end brands to all your favorite labels, we’ve got you covered.
And all proceeds benefit Valley Children’s Healthcare.

How it all began…

Vintage photo of women shoppingA charter meeting of the Holiday Guild was held in the spring of 1952 at the home of Mrs. William Stark. Those present were: Mesdames William Docker, Arthur Roth, Charles Looney, Jr., Sumner Peck, Samuel Randall, H.P. Higginbotham, R.D. McMahan, William Spaulding, Breckenridge Thomas, William Snell, and William Meux.

Twelve Girls Meet for a Purpose.

These twelve girls met for the purpose of organizing a guild which would sell Christmas cards and social stationery by appointment in the home of the customer.

The impetus for this project had been provided by Mrs. Looney and Mrs. Roth, who had investigated and procured the Chryson line.

At that time Mrs. Gundelfinger had been handling the Fayette line in Fresno which she very generously offered to this group.

The First President of the Holiday Guild.

With two lines to represent, the twelve girls elected Mrs. Looney as their first president. And they invited Mrs. Parke McAvoy to speak to them. She was then a VCH Board member in the capacity of organizing and coordinating new guilds. Mrs. McAvoy was a great help in explaining the guild functions, obligations, responsibilities and privileges. Also helpful was her expertise in deciphering bylaws and Board policies.

The girls went to work. And, thanks to a very generous response from friends throughout the valley, they put in ten very successful years of raising money for the hospital and enjoying themselves.

Through the years, problems arose. Manpower needs were felt. And they experienced the ups and downs all the guilds were facing.

The Sixties Usher in a New Project.

In 1962, members began to talk of a new project. And it showed promise of augmenting their card sales. In the ten years of its existence, the guild had never had more than 15 members. The nature of the project kept the guild small. So, the members wanted to increase their membership and the scope of the guild. After a year of discussion and debate, they took the plunge.

They bought an existing paper shop in the spring of 1963. Then, they held a clearance sale and closed the shop for remodeling. On September 12, they opened the Holiday Boutique. The boutique debuted as an elegant place where people could acquire gifts for all, and find them.

Then and now, it is operated on a full time basis, six days per week. And it’s staffed entirely by volunteers.

The Holiday Guild members are thrilled with their success. And they look forward to many long years of successful association with the Valley Children’s Healthcare and Guidance Clinic.

1963 – Patty Randall