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LAFCO Chamomile Lavender Master Bedroom Candle 6.5oz
Product Details The understated luxury of freshly-laundered, turned-down bedlinens. Nearby, a delicate arrangement of lavender sprigs rests on the adjoining bedside table as the sun begins to set. Tranquility at ...
LAFCO Cilantro Orange Kitchen Candle 15.5oz
Product Details Chopped cilantro and slivers of lemongrass rest on a cutting board as orange zest falls from a microplane. An avocado is pitted and pestled, leaving one to wonder: ...
LAFCO Duchess Peony Powder Room Candle 15.5oz
Product Details That enveloping feeling of sanctuary upon entering a hushed, elegant powder room. Its walls are graced with toile wallpaper, and a thoughtfully-placed vase of pink peonies rests on ...
LAFCO Sea & Dune Beach House Candle 6.5 oz
Product Details The drive took forever, but you have arrived. As the car door opens, the rush of salt embraces you. Running barefoot through the gentle hills of sand, stiff ...
LAFCO Spring Floral Gift Set (2) 6.5oz duo
Product Details Our beautifully illustrated coffret features two best selling Classic Candles 6.5oz specially paired to evoke the fresh scents of spring. Duchess Peony: Pink rose and peony blossom are ...