Wedding Registry for Amanda Strong and Evan Garabedian - July 23, 2021

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Item #PhotoProduct DescriptionPriceProduct IDRequestedStill Needs
1Soho Brooklyn Chip&Dip$103.00739311
2Garden Cabbage Bowl$142.00656610
3Soho Pedestal$160.00720411
4Pearled Wavy Bowl$139.0061611
5Luxuries S/3 Vetiver$41.50EWC7247811
6Standing Cross$50.00MT070311
7Tuscan Basket Tray$70.00TUS524D11
8Heart Bowl - Platinum$53.00CSH103P11
9Infinity Napkin Box$48.004280C11
10Le Cadeau Salad Bowl$36.00246BISB11
11Le Cadeau Dessert Bowls Set/4$31.00098TW11
12Caspri Wine Goblet $11.00ACR40088
13Reflection Bowl$115.007030310
14Le Cadeau Tea Towels Set/2$28.00GSTTPALLB22
15Le Cadeau Sectioned Oval Tray$23.00204PAL10
16Le Cadeau Two Handled Oval Platter$44.00268PAL10
17Beverage Napkins$5.0011910c22
18Gingham Napkins Set/4$24.00G1121822
19Tea Towels Set/2$24.50GSTTPALLB22
20Le Cadeaux Palermo Appetizer Plates (Set of 4)$34.00097PAL22