Wedding Registry for Krista Parnagian & Christopher Hokokian

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Wedding Date: May 21, 2022
Item #PhotoProduct DescriptionPrice Product IDRequestedStill Needs
1Baccarat Bloom Accent, Amber$120.002813014
2Baccarat Bloom Accent, Gold$150.00281301710
3Baccarat Bloom Accent, Red$120.00281301610
4Baccarat Bloom Accent, Silver$150.00281281410
5Baccarat Eye Red Votive, Set/2$510.00281063960
6Baccarat Eye Vase, Small Clear$450.00210367920
7Baccarat Eye Vase, Small Red$510.00280719920
8Baccarat Eye Votive Clear Set/2$430.00281063866
9Baccarat Gold Votive, Set/2$570.00281184164
10Baccarat Mille Nuit Bowl$155.00260277410
11Baccarat Mille Nuit Decanter Stand$135.00210513210
12Baccarat Mille Nuit Votive, Gold$250.002812544120
13Baccarat Papillon Butterfly Diamant, 20K Gold$200.00281266310
14Baccarat Papillon Butterfly, Red$140.00210432210
15Baccarat Papillon Butterfly, Iridescent Diamant$200.00280881610
16Baccarat Papillon Butterfly, White$175.00281352110
17Jay Strongwater Hedy Bouquet Soap Pump$450.00SDH888928110
19Michael Aram Anemone Catch All$50.0017503010
21Michael Aram Cherry Blossom Cheese Board w/Knife$165.0012360610
23Michael Aram Pomegranate Paper Towel Holder$145.0017509210
24Waterford Lismore Footed Cakeplate, 11"$235.00993990640010
25Waterford Lismore Frame 4x6$135.0010804910
26Waterford Lismore Frame 8x10$215.0012801910
27Waterford Lismore Vanity Square Ringholder$85.0013680310
29Baccarat Bloom Accent, Mahogany$120.00281301510
30Baccarat Papillon Butterfly, Clear Diamant$160.00280849610
31Baccarat Papillon Butterfly, Silver$175.00281326510
32Baccarat Papillon Butterfly, Black$220.00281351410
33Baccarat Mille Nuit Pastry Stand, 3 Tier$950.00260539210
34Baccarat Eye Vase, Clear, Round, Large$1,350.00210356810
35Baccarat Harmonie Highball, Set/2$280.0028105956 sets6 sets
36Baccarat Harmonie DOF, Set 2$280.0018452615 sets5 sets
37Beatriz Ball Organic Pearl Bowl w/Spoon$53.00649710
38Mariposa Pearled Chip & Dip$159.00114010
39Mariposa Pearl Pitcher$120.00231310
40Mariposa Pearl Cupcake Server, 3 Tier$98.00116610
41Mariposa Pearl Ice Bucket$265.00234010
42Herend Golden Edge Service Plate$100.00HDE015270002412
43Herend Golden Edge Dinner$75.00HDE01524002413
44Herend Golden Edge Dessert$65.00HDE015200002410
45Herend Golden Edge Tea Cup$55.00HDE007342002410
46Herend Golden Edge Tea Saucer$30.00HDE007341002410
47Vietri Hibiscus Bowl, Small$70.00850710
49Gwendolyn Ribbon Tray$400.00HDVT220400000
50Golden Edge Oval Vegetable$125.00HDE0038100010
51Golden Edge Tray$145.00HDE0041800010
52Golden Edge Large Platter$290.00HDE0110100010
53Golden Edge Medium Platter$235.00HDE0110200010
54Golden Edge Small Platter$210.00HDE0110300010
55Golden Edge Square Fruit Dish$190.00HDE0118100010
56Golden Edge Scallop Tray$190.00HDE0042000010
57Baccarat Mille Nuits Candlesticks S/2$540.00260055320
58Mille Nuits Ring Holder$250.00281482311
59Michael Aram Pomeganate Pie Dish$200.0017518410
60Michael Aram Pomegranate Cheese Board w/Knife$200.0011226910
61Michael Aram Ivy & Oak Napkin Holder$75.0012351110
62Michael Aram Golden Gingko Frame 5x7$125.0013210410
63Medard de Noblat Corail White Dinner$40.00ASPL38000B
64Medard de Noblat Corail White Dessert$36.00ASDE38000B
65Medard de Noblat Corail Gold Dinner$75.00ASPL38000B2421
66Medard de Noblat Corail Gold Dessert$65.00ASDE38000B2421
67Vecchio White Pasta Bowl$78.00FP1100102001818
68Vecchio White Dinner$55.00FPT1100102602414
69Vecchio White Dessert$47.00FPT1100102152418
70Vecchio White Mug$61.00FT207401400148
71Vecchio White Cake Plate, Round$149.00FCT91001030510
72Vecchio White Bread/Butter$30.00FPT1100101751812
73Vecchio White Covered Sugar$193.00FZV000030010
74Vecchio White Oval Creamer$115.00FLT000035011
75Vecchio White Tureen w/Cover$495.00FZP000031711
76Vecchio White Square Salad$215.00FIN0210125X22
77Vecchio White Oval Platter$235.00FVS13001041522
78Vecchio White Oval Platter$138.00FVS130033021
79Vecchio White Round Salad$138.00FIN000010250
80Vecchio White Rect Platter$110.00FVS1400128X11
81Vecchio White Square Plate, Sm$50.00FPT12001015X11
82Vecchio White Square Plate, Lg$83.00FPT12001027X11
83Vecchio White Square Plate, XL$176.00FPT12001030X11
84Baccarat Mille Nuits Bowl, Sm$155.00260277420
85Michael Aram Hydrangea Frame 5x7$125.0013206810
86Michael Aram Hydrangea Frame 8x10$160.0013207310
87Annie Glass Edgey Cheese Slab, Lg Gold$237.00E127G10
89Baccarat Eye Vase, Black$550.00281403520
90Herend Laurel Wreath Salad$130.00OFLGPR20518000
91Golden Ginko Double Dish$105.0010
92Mariposa Pearled Large Salad Servers$54.003719
93Mariposa Pearled Wavy Chip & Dip$159.00231110
94Mariposa Pearled Wavy Serving Bowl$189.00235910
95Chambly Louvres 18/10 Serving Spoon$155.00F2060922
96Chambly Louvres 18/10 Serving Fork$96.00F2064122
97Chambly Louvres 18/10 Cake Server$175.00F2061811
98Chambly Louvres Table Fork$45.00F206022626
99Chambly Louvres Coffee Spoon$35.00F206032626
100Chambly Louvres Table Knife$81.00F206052626
101Chambly Louvres Salad Fork$43.00F206082626
102Chambly Louvres Spoon$43.00F206072626
103Bacccarat Louxor Catchall$350.00281256410
104Baccarat Deck of Card (2 Decks in Box)$120.00281374111