Wedding Registry for Melinda Scott & Joey Elswick

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Wedding Date: January 8, 2022
Item #PhotoProduct DescriptionPriceProduct IDRequestedStill Needs
1Michael Aram Olive Branch/Pomegranate Canister, Sm$100.0017509610
2Michael Aram Olive Branch/Pomegranate Canister, Med$25.0017509510
3Michael Aram Olive Branch/Pomegranate Canister, Lg$140.0017509110
4Michael Aram Pomegranate Creamer$100.0017532011
5Michael Aram Pomegranate Sugar w/spoon$100.0017531811
6Michael Aram Pomegranate CatchAll$65.0017522210
7Michael Aram Pomegranate Minipot$100.0017522610
8Beatriz Ball Vento Rebecca Bowl w/handle$144.00698510
9Mariposa Signature Frame 5x7$69.0044000w10
10Mariposa Pearl Drop Frame 5x7$74.00378910
11Grainware Crystalon Salad Set$100.007005310
12Le Cadeaux Two Handle Bowl Set, Lemon Basil$55.00GSBSTLB10
13Le Cadeaux Wine Coaster Set, Benidorm$33.00GSWCBEN10
14Le Cadeaux Rectangular Tray, Palermo$34.00201PAL10
15Maple Leaf (Sophistiplate) Ash Serving Board$85.00PC2410
16Mariposa Pearl Drop Frame 4x6$64.00378810
17La Cadeaux Palermo Salad Plates$14.00 ea239PAL40
18La Cadeaux Palermo Dinner Plates$21.00 ea237PAL40
19La Cadeaux Campania Blue Dinner Plates$21.00 ea227CAMB40
20La Cadeaux Campania Blue Salad Plates$14.00 ea229CAMB40
21L'Objet Perlee Bleu Dinner$80.00PR41086
22L'Objet Perlee Bleu Soup$72.00PR43086
23L'Objet Perlee Bleu Dessert$72.00PR42086
24L'Objet Perlee Bleu B & B$52.00PR44086
25L'Objet Perlee Bleu Serving Bowl$384.00PR47121
26L'Objet Perlee Bleu Deep Bowl, Med$100.00PR46811
27L'Objet Bleu Platter, Rectangular$344.00PR46610
28L'Objet Perlee Bleu Espresso Cup & Saucer$80.00PR45586
29L'Objet Perlee Bleu Oval Platter 14”x7”PR465 10
30L'Objet Perlee Bleu Oval Platter 20”x12”PR45510
31Le Cadeaux Salad Bowl, Palermo$42.00244PAL10
32Le Cadeaux Oval Platter, Palermo $44.00286PAL10