Wedding Registry for Mikaela Gamboni & Hunter Statham

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Item #PhotoProduct DescriptionPriceProduct IDRequestedStill Needs
1Orrefors Street DOF$62.506540104
2Mariposa Sq. Pearl Platter
3Mariposa Pearled Servers$59.00371910
4Mariposa Pearled Serving Bowl
5Mariposa Pearled Knife Set, Cheese$54.0062311
6Mariposa Beaded Double Frame$134.00371310
7Beatrix Ball David Tray$124.00581810
8Beatriz Ball Organic Pearl Kristi Tray$157.00679010
9Beatriz Ball Pearl Cracker Tray$66.00596711
10Beatriz Ball Pearl Cracker Tray, Small$45.00725111
11Nambe Triple Condiment$140.00MT138610
12Beatriz Ball Vento Grab Bowl$50.00649711
13Mudpie Beaded Butter Dish$31.004870002610
14Mudpie Beaded Wood Ped Bowl
15Mudpie Carving Board Set$65.004750015311
16Mudpie Woven Toothpick Server Set$36.004180008911
17Mudpie Scalloped Marble Frame$35.004690051911
18Mudpie Sandstone Round Wood Board $50.004750027311
19Mudpie Woven Utensil Holder$28.004580004611
20Mudpie Woven Tray and Dip Cup$55.004070054511
21Nambe Cooper Salad Bowl w/ Server $140.0011
22Mariposa Beaded Guest Towel Holder$100.0011
23Nambe Duets Salad Bowl w/ Lid$59.0011
24Tag Watermill Dough Bowl$80.0011