Wedding Registry for Marisa Errotabere & Kenneth Schneider - 4/16/2022

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Item #PhotoProduct DescriptionPriceProduct IDRequestedStill Needs
1Jan Barboglio Ballin 5x5 Frame$238.005376211
2Jan Barboglio Ballin 3x3 Frame$158.005376111
3MLL Tealight Holder$40.008204911
4Jan Barboglio Fiord lis Bookends$395.00213511
5Godinger Lattitude Whisley Decanter$180.009929011
6MLT Monogram Casual Napkin - Grey$20.50NC224511
7MLT Monogram Casual Napkin - Red$20.50NC145511
8Corksicle Whiskey Wedge$24.95700111
9Mariposa Signature Wine Coaster$39.00470111
10Santorini Blue Bottle$40.00CC914B11
11Barrington Oxford Snap Valet - Tan$60.00SV558811
12Mariposa Beaded Tray - Forever$39.003905FV11
13TIZO Jeweltone Heart Frame$63.00RS6023310
14Badash Manhattan Pitcher/Stirrer$75.00K92411
15Waterford Lismore Ringholder - Square$85.001368030
16Corksicle Air$24.99506411
17Arte Italica Tuscan Rectangular Tray$277.00P5119M22
18Grainware Crystalon Salad Set$100.007005311
19Nora Fleming Melamine Square Server$46.00MEL0111
20Nora Fleming Watermelon Mini$13.50A4411
21Nora Fleming American Flag Mini$13.50A1811
22Fresno/Clovis Coaster$42.00Fresnoco11
23Orrefors Street Cognac/Pair$125.0067970411
24Baccarat Harmonie DOF/ Set 2$280.00184526111
25Mariposa Pearled Ice Bucket - Double$325.00114811
26Mova Globe Blue Silver Globe$160.00MG45BSE11
27Maple Leaf Stemless Glasses Mr/Mrs$32.00GRSW21411
28Veronica Vino Goblet$79.00318744
29Cooking for Two, Jesssica Strand$19.953513211
30Santorini Blue Tumbler$14.00CC911B66
Adelita House Blessing Cross
32Mariposa Beaded Double Engraved Frame$144.003713ENG11
3318x12 Maple rectangle with Hammered Rustic Handles$165.001812RE10
3413x8 Maple Rectangle Board with No Handles$70.00138NH11