Reception Registry for Katie Doherty and Chris Johnson

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Reception Date:
October 17, 2021
Item #PhotoProduct DescriptionPriceProduct IDRequestedStill Needs
1Michael Aram Cherry Blossom Vase$225.001236011
2Michael Aram Black Iris Trinket Tray$115.0011120610
3Beatriz Ball Soho Pedestal Med.$167.00720410
4Beatriz Ball Soho Onyx Chip & Dip$167.00747611
5Beatriz Ball Soho Giftable Bowl W/spoon$52.00741211
6Beatriz Ball Vento Pedestal Bowl$97.00744310
7Beatriz Ball Jason Frame 8X10 $192.00745411
8Beatriz Ball Soho Plain Frame 8X10$214.00643411
9Mariposa Pearled Serving Bowl $189.0086811
10Waterford Lismore Diamond Frame$110.0015950610
11Mariposa Beaded Frame 8x10$108.0010
12Michael Aram Cherry Blossom Catchall$75.0012361110
13Michael Aram Cherry Blossom Small Bowl w/Spoon$135.0012360410
14Michael Aram Cherry Blossom Serving Bowl$400.0012360211
15Michael Aram Cherry Blossom Small Cheese Board w/Knife$150.0012360610